studyf3 (studyf3) wrote,

Furry Survey Complete

Dear Members of the Furry Fandom,

Thank you all for participating in our survey; we are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support we have recieved from members of the furry community. The validity of our results depend on your participation, and your time and honesty are very much appreciated. The survey is now closed.

We will be dedicating the coming weeks to analyzing the results and will post a summary of the data on wikifur, most likely as a link to our livejournal page: It will take several weeks to thoroughly analyze the large amount of data that we have obtained, but we will keep you posted via wikifur.

If you would like to participate in further research, please email us with your contact information: name, telephone number and email address. Please also include the city, state/region, and country you live in, as we may invite you to participate in future studies that we will be conducting in our lab. Also, feel free to email us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you again for all of your support!

The UC Davis Furry Research Team
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Is there anywhere in the meantime that I can read the survey? I know I can't answer it, but having missed it I'd like to see what was asked.
says: "bisexual = 37.3%, heterosexual = 32.7%, homosexual = 25.5%, other = 8%"

37.3 + 32.7 + 25.5 = 95.5

100% - 95.5% = 4.5%

Why do the survey results list "other" as 8% ?
(Did some people describe themselves as "other" and a second orientation?)
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